CSE 1320 (Intermediate Programming with C)

Course Information Instructor: Ning Yan TA: Shuai Zheng
  • When: Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00-10:50am
  • Where: WH 311
  • Office hours: Mon 3:00-5:00pm
  • Office: ERB 514
  • E-mail: ning [DOT] yan [AT] mavs.uta.edu
  • Office hours: Fri 1:00-3:00pm
  • Office: ERB 424
  • Phone:
  • E-mail: shuai [DOT] zheng [AT] mavs.uta.edu



  • Score = MAX(AVG, Final) * 80% + Project 1 * 10% + Project 2 * 10% ;
  • A: 90-100, B: 80-89, C: 70-79, D: 60-69, Fail: <60

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Statement on Ethics, Professionalism, and Conduct for Engineering Students


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Date Lecture Notes
08/23 Course Introduction
Part I. Basic C Language
08/26 Overview of C slides / hello.c
08/28 Overview cont, Data Types signed unsigned, man 3 printf printf, scanf, adder.c
08/30 Data Types cont slides Endianness
09/02 No class (Labor Day)
09/04 Control Flow slides, examples, dangling else
09/06 Control Flow cont, Operators slides, Operators
09/09 Array, Operators Cont slides, Array Out of bounds in C, array.c, initialize, Type Conversions
09/11 String slides, Bitwise Operators
09/13 Functions, Variable Scope slides, scope, Strong and Weak Symbols
09/16 Functions, Variable Scope, Basic Pointers slides, slides Return Array?
09/18 Exam1 Exercise
09/20 Class Cancelled
09/23 Pointer slides, Segmentation
09/25 Pointer slides, Segmentation Fault, Debug Segmentation Fault
09/27 Exam1
09/29 Pointer Exercises 1, 2, 2', 3, 4, sizeof
10/02 strcmp implementation string literal string.h strcmp.c
10/04 strlen implementation, strcpy, memcpy, strcpy vs memcpy, strlen.c, strlen tricks Premature Optimization VLA
10/07 Structures slides, C Namespace
10/09 Exam2 Exercise problems
10/11 Basic file I/O slides, example1, example2
10/14 Dynamic Memory Allocation slides
10/16 Dynamic Memory Allocation 2d allocation 1, 2,
10/18 Exam2
10/21 Union, Structure union, structure padding, structure offset, union vs. struct, line input
Part II. Basic Data Structures, Algorithms
10/23 Linked List (create, search) slides, Macros, 1,
10/25 Linked List cont (free, print, insert) linkedlist1.c
10/28 Linked List cont (delete, find -k, reverse) linkedlist2.c
10/30 Abstract data structure, Stack, Queue, Linked List synthesized by Array
11/01 Stack, Queue contd. stack using array stack using linked list
11/04 Queue contd., Doubly Linked List, queue using array queue using linked list
11/06 Project1 source code
11/08 Sentinels, Map by array index, Rooted Tree Representations localtime.c
11/11 Binary Search Tree (Definition, Search, Insert) Codes As Homework in Project2, bst.c
11/13 Binary Search Tree (Delete, Successor) Codes As Homework in Project2
11/15 Binary Search Tree (Traverse) traverse bst_stack_traverse.c
11/18 Binary Search Tree (Traverse w/ stack), Graph Basics bst.pdf graph.pdf
11/22 Exam3 Exercise
11/22 Exam3
11/25 Sorting (Binary Search, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort) selection sort, bubble sort
11/27 No class
12/02 Sorting (Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort) insertion sort, quick sort, merge sort
Part III. Basic OOP Concepts in C++ (skipped)
12/09 Final Exam
University calendar: Fall 2013

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