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Research Areas
Big Data Intelligence & Data Science (data management, data mining, natural language processing, applied machine learning, and their applications in computational journalism)
Research Topics
Data-driven fact-checking, web credibility, exceptional fact finding, usability challenges in querying and exploring graph data, and knowledge graphs.
Building large-scale human-assisting and human-assisted data and information systems with high usability, low cost and applications for social good.
Chengkai Li
Current Students
Ph.D. : Josue Caraballo, Jacob Devasier, Israa Jaradat, Damian Jimenez, Nasim Shirvani Mahdavi, Samiul Saeef, Xiao Shi, Theodora Toutountzi, Haiqi Zhang, Zeyu Zhang, Zhengyuan Zhang.
M.S. : Joswin Valerian Concessao, Abhishek Divakar Goudar, Yen Duyen Le, Sathwik Reddy Gowda Krishnareddy, Sai Sandeep Naraparaju.
B.S. : Phuong Anh Le, Juan Gustavo Guajardo Gutierrez, Rishabh Mediratta, Kevin Ouyang, Duy Khanh Pham, Asmin Pothula, Ishan Poudel, Aviral Saxena, Abbas Zaidi.

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Computational Journalism Knowledge Graph, Open Knowledge Network

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