Media Coverage

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Gates, Rockefeller, Sloan, Carnegie & Ford Can defeat bad social media. Steve Andriole. Forbes. 2018-08-01.
  2. Automated fact-checking has come a long way. But it still faces significant challenges. Deniel Funke. Poynter. 2018-04-04.
  3. Can AI solve the internet’s fake news problem? A fact-checker investigates. Brooke Borel. Popular Science. 2018-03-20.
  4. This Washington Post fact check was chosen by a bot. Daniel Funke. Poynter. 2018-01-30.
  5. Bot Busters. Kathy Cruz. Fort Worth Weekly. 2018-01-10.
  6. From algorithms to institutions. Lucas Graves. NiemanLab. 2017-12-17.
  7. The fact-checking army waging war on ’fake news’. Bianca Fortis. MediaShift. 2017-11-03.
  8. UTA researchers are refining their automated fact-checking system. University of Texas at Arlington. 2017-08-24.
  9. Professors from UT-Arlington, UT-Dallas join forces to fight fake news. Loyd Brumfield. The Dallas Morning News. 2017-07-20.
  10. How the world gets its facts straight. Dana Wagner. Policy Options, Institute for Research on Public Policy. 2017-07-17.
  11. UTA-led interdisciplinary team to construct computer program to identify fake news. University of Texas at Arlington. 2017-06-12.
  12. SXSW 2017: Embattled Journalism in Focus. Benjamin Bathke. MediaShift. 2017-03-21.
  13. Digital Democracy: government transparency website keeps track of state legislators. Elijah Bassett. Plaid Zebra. 2017-03-06.
  14. How do you solve fake news problem in the post-truth era? Rich Haridy. New Atlas. 2017-02-07.
  15. A Heroic AI Will Let You Spy on Your Lawmakers’ Every Word. Issie Lapowsky. Wired. 2017-02-07.
  16. Fake news and fact-checking: Trump is demonstrating how to outsmart an AI. Martin Robbins. The Guardian. 2017-01-31.
  17. Fail and move on: Lessons from automated fact-checking experiments. Tamar Wilner. Poynter. 2016-09-07.
  18. Post-truth v tech: could machines help us call out politicians’ and journalists’ lies? Gabriel Pogrund. NewStatesman. 2016-08-17.
  19. Report: Automated fact-checking is coming (and soon). Alexios Mantzarlis. Poynter. 2016-04-18.
  20. Is that a fact? Checking politicians’ statements just got a whole lot easier. Peter Fray. The Guardian. 2016-04-18.
  21. Journalism and the machines: what ClaimBuster told me about Australian politics. Peter Fray. Journalism Innovation. 2016-04-11.
  22. What would an automated future look like for verification in the newsroom? Catalina Albeanu. 2016-04-08.
  23. Fact-checking 2.0: Teaching computers how to spot lies. Alan Greenblatt. Poynter. 2016-03-31.
  24. The Future of Political Fact-Checking. Tatiana Walk-Morris. NiemanReports. 2016-03-23. Automated Fact Checking: The Holy Grail of Political Communication. Kirsty Moreland and Bill Doerrfeld. Nordic APIs. 2016-02-25.
  25. UTA project will bust claims of candidates. Star-Telegram. 2016-02-09.
  26. Graduate students work to help make voting process easier. Brittany Harborth. The Shorthorn. 2016-01-27.
  27. Poynter and Duke to hold conference on automated fact-checking. Alexios Mantzarlis. Poynter. 2016-01-21.
  28. New Software Developed at UTA Tracks Candidates Statements. Julie Fine. NBC 5 News. 2016-01-07.
  29. Text detective can unmask the secret influencers behind US laws. Aviva Rutkin. New Scientist. 2015-11-11.
  30. 20 ideas receive support from Knight Prototype Fund for media and information projects. Eva Pereira. Knight Foundation. 2015-11-03.
  31. Knight Foundation backs 20 media projects with Prototype Fund. Benjamin Mullin. Poynter. 2015-11-03.
  32. In search of fact checking’s “Holy Grail”: News outlets might not get there alone. Craig Silverman. First Draft. 2015-10-30.
  33. The “Holy Grail” of computational fact checking — and what we can do in the meantime. Alexios Mantzarlis. Poynter. 2015-10-21.
  34. Robots feeding fact checks? Soon. W. Gardner Selby. PolitiFact Texas. 2015-08-18.
  35. Sifting balderdash from truth gets a boost from computers. W. Gardner Selby. Austin American-Statesman. 2015-08-08.

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