• [April 21, 2016] Congratulations to Rohit Bhoopalam on successfully defending his M.S. thesis Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms in Suggesting Candidate Edges to Construct a Query on Heterogeneous Graphs.
  • [April 20, 2016] Naeemul Hassan represented the ClaimBuster team to attend the demo day of the Knight Prototype Fund April 18-20 in Miami.
  • [April 20, 2016] Dr. Jun Yang from Duke University visited the IDIR group and gave a talk in the CSE colloquium on Cumulon: Simplifying Matrix-Based Data Analytics in the Cloud.
  • [April 6, 2016] Congratulations to Ning Yan (graduated Ph.D. student), Sona Hasani and Abolfazl Asudeh on the acceptance of SIGMOD 2016 paper Generating Preview Tables for Entity Graphs. Ning Yan, Sona Hasani, Abolfazl Asudeh, Chengkai Li.
  • [April 1, 2016] Naeemul Hassan attended the Tech & Check conference and presented a demo of ClaimBuster. The conference was held March 31 to April 1 at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. It was hosted by Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network and the Duke Reporters’ Lab. It was the first conference to explore the promise and challenges of automated fact-checking.
  • [March 23, 2016] Congratulations to Naeemul Hassan on the President's Award for Graduate Poster Presentation at UTA's annual ACES competition.
  • [March 10, 2016] Professor Bill Adair from Duke University visited UTA and gave a talk on The Truth-O-Meter, Pants on Fire, and the Quest to Automate Fact-Checking.
  • [February 12, 2016] Congratulations to Nandish Jayaram on successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation Towards Better Usability of Query Systems for Massive Ultra-Heterogeneous Graphs: Novel Approaches of Query Formulation and Query Specification.
  • [February 9, 2016] Dr. Chengkai Li visited NC State University and gave a talk on Tackling Usability Challenges in Querying Massive, Ultra-heterogeneous Graphs.
  • [February 8, 2016] Dr. Chengkai Li visited Duke University and gave a talk on ClaimBuster: The Quest to Automate Fact-Checking.
  • [December 15, 2015] Congratulations to Naeemul Hassan and Gensheng Zhang for successfully completed the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program.
  • [December 14, 2015] Congratulations to Naeemul Hassan on winning UTA's Spring 2016 Dissertation Fellowship.
  • [December 3, 2015] Dr. Chengkai Li participated in the American Press Institute (API) Summit on Fact-Checking the 2016 Elections: What’s New and What’s Next at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. This is API's second, invitation-only Thought Leader Summit on fact-checking and accountability journalism.
  • [December 2, 2015] Dr. Chengkai Li gave an invited talk at the monthly meeting of the Arlington Technology Association on ClaimBuster: The Quest to Automate Fact-Checking. talk slides
  • [November 24, 2015] Congratulations to Fatma Dogan on the successful defense of her M.S. thesis Detecting Real-time Check-worthy Factual Claims in Tweets Related to U.S. Politics.
  • [November 20, 2015] Congratulations to Minumol Joseph on the successful defense of her M.S. thesis Speaker Identification in Live Events Using Twitter.
  • [November 3, 2015] The ClaimBuster team is awarded a $35,000 Knight Prototype Fund for developing ClaimBuster, a machine-learning tool that helps journalists fact-check claims made by politicians in real-time by identifying claims that are likely important to the public. This is a joint project with Mark Tremayne (UTA Department of Communication), Bill Adair and Jun Yang (Duke) and Cong Yu (Google).
  • [October 26, 2015] The ClaimBuster team started their journey in the NSF I-Corps Teams program by attending the kickoff workshop in Los Angeles. The grant trains students and academics in commercializing technology coming out of NSF-funded research. The team's goal is to clearly identify target customers and their needs, which will enable the team to prepare a viable commercialization plan and further develop necessary components for deploying their technology. The team members are Chengkai Li (Principal Investigator), Naeemul Hassan (Entrepreneurial Lead, IDIR Ph.D. student), Gensheng Zhang (Entrepreneurial Lead, IDIR Ph.D. student), and Harold Strong (Mentor).
  • [October 20, 2015] Dr. Chengkai Li gave a talk on our paper Crowdsourcing Pareto-Optimal Object Finding by Pairwise Comparisons at CIKM15, Melbourne, Australia talk slides. Dr. Li also presented Detecting Check-worthy Factual Claims in Presidential Debates in the short paper session.
  • [October 13, 2015] Dr. Chengkai Li gave invited talks on Enabling Computational Journalism: Automated Fact-Checking and Story-Finding in Shandong University and Nanjing University of China, on October 9th and October 13th, respectively. talk slides
  • [October 3, 2015] Ph.D. student Naeemul Hassan and collaborator Bill Adair presented our paper The Quest to Automate Fact-Checking at the 2015 Computation + Journalism symposium, held in New York City. talk video
  • [September 3, 2015] Ph.D. student Nandish Jayaram presented Intuitive and Interactive Query Formulation to Improve the Usability of Query Systems for Heterogeneous Graphs in the VLDB2015 Ph.D. Workshop talk slides. He also presented a demo paper VIIQ: Auto-suggestion Enabled Visual Interface for Interactive Graph Query Formulation in the demo session of the conference. The Orion system (then named VIIQ) is available online at
  • [June 10, 2015] Dr. Chengkai Li gave an invited talk on Data Science for Computational Journalism in the IEEE Computer Society and Computational Intelligence Society Joint Meeting.
  • [April 29, 2015] The IDIR group (Dr. Chengkai Li, Naeemul Hassan, Nandish Jayaram) visited the Dallas Morning News. Ph.D. student Naeemul Hassan made a presentation on the computational journalism project at IDIR.
  • [April 26th, 2015] Dr. Chengkai Li delivered an invited talk at the PyData Dallas conference on Data Science for Computational Journalism. talk video
  • [September 12, 2014] The Innovative Data Intelligence Research (IDIR) Lab invites all faculty and students to its open house. The activity will take place in ERB514 on Friday (Sept. 12th) 12pm-3pm.
  • [September 3, 2014] Congratulations to our team for winning an Excellent Demonstration Award in the 40th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB).
  • [September 1, 2014] Dr. Chengkai Li participated in a panel discussion in the First International Workshop on Bringing the Value of "Big Data" to Users, held in conjunction with VLDB14, Hangzhou, China.
  • [August 18, 2014] Congratulations to Naeemul Hassan, Huadong Feng and Ramesh Venkataraman on the acceptance of CKIM14 demo paper "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Finding Expert Teams by CrewScout".
  • [August 5, 2014] We are grateful to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for funding our project on perturbation analysis of database queries, which is studied in the broader context of our computational journalism project.

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