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What is ClaimBuster?

ClaimBuster is the umbrella under which all fact-checking related projects for the IDIR Lab fall under. It started as an effort to create an AI model that could automatically detect claims worth checking. Since then it has steadily made progress towards the holy grail of automated fact-checking.

Who uses it?

ClaimBuster is mainly used by journalists, but in reality anyone interested in tackling misinformation can make use of it. Our API provides easy access to our models and is accessible by just registering for a free API key.

How can I contribute?

ClaimBuster is made possible by human data-labeling contributions. Feel free to sign up for an account and begin labeling to help us deliver better models. We have also open sourced our machine learning model training code, so if you are a savvy AI engineer feel free to make contributions there as well.

ClaimBuster on Twitter

Follow us on social media! Our claim-spotting model re-tweets tweets it thinks may need fact-checking.


ClaimPortal takes our social media approach a step further and allows users to register and track specific accounts. Users get curated messages alerting them to any relevant claims made by the accounts they are tracking. Check it out by clicking the link on the left!

Interested in learning more?


The inner-workings of our model are publicly available in the project's GitHub repository. We have also published several papers in top venues that document the evolution of our work and how the model has changed through each iteration. Above is a system diagram that depicts our current framework with the claim-spotting component high-lighted in the light-blue outlined box. If you have ideas for collaboration feel free to reach out to us, as we are excited to get this work in the hands of anyone that can use it and make a positive impact in their community or the world.