Research Areas
Big Data & Data Science
Research Topics
Computational journalism, crowdsourcing and human computation, data exploration by ranking (top-k), skyline and preference queries, database testing, entity query, usability challenges in querying graph data.
Building large-scale human-assisting and human-assisted data and information systems with high usability, low cost and applications for social good.
Chengkai Li
Current Students
Ph.D. : Farahnaz Akrami, Fatma Arslan, Israa Jaradat, Damian Jimenez, Shadekur Rahman, Samiul Saeef, Xiao Shi, Theodora Toutountzi, Zeyu Zhang
M.S. : Priyank Arora, Sumeet Lubal, Sarthak Majithia, Daniel Obembe, Sarbajit Roy, Ankit Shingavi
B.S. : Sameer Chaulagain, Kyrell Dixon, Jacob Devasier
DEMANDATA: Computational Journalism Graph4U: Tackling Usability Challenges in Querying and Exploring Entity Graphs
  • GQBE: graph query by example demo video
  • Maverick: discovering exceptional facts from knowledge graphs
  • Orion: auto-suggestion for interactive graph query formulation demo video
  • TableView: preview tables for entity graphs demo video reproducibility package
EntityEngine: Entity-Centric Querying and Exploration of Web Data
  • ERQ: entity-relationship query on Wikipedia demo
  • Facetedpedia: faceted search interface for Wikipedia demo
CrewScout: Expert Team Finding by Skyline Groups demo video
RankSQL: Database Engine Extended with Top-k Query Algorithms and Query Optimization source code

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