Ning Yan
Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Arlington

Phone 1-682-227-9412
Office -

I graduated in Dec. 2013, and continue to explore interesting computer stuffs in California!

I once was a PhD candidate of Computer Science & Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington. I worked in IDIR Lab (Database and Information Retrieval) with Dr. Chengkai Li from 2008 to 2013.

Before coming to UTA, I got my Bachelor of Software Engineering in 2005 and Master of Computer Science in 2008 from Southeast University in Nanjing, China.

My research interests are Information Retrieval, Web Data Mining, and DBMS.

I participated in several research projects in IDIR Lab:

  • Entity Graph Exploration (2012-2013).
    Research on developing novel methods for entity graph exploration, such as querying entity graph by example tuples(early stage) and summarizing entity graphs. [Technical Report]

  • Set Query (2010-2012) (Collaborate with IBM Research Almaden).
    Research on supporting novel SQL query syntax for convenient set level comparison in relational database. Design new query processing algorithm for the new syntax. Implement query algorithms externally based on bitmap index. [IEEE TKDE]

  • Facetedpedia (2008-2011) (Collaborate with DBXLAB@UTA).
    Research on supporting faceted navigation over Wikipedia articles by discovering dynamic facets. Design single and multiple facets evaluation metrics and algorithms for automatic faceted interface discovery. [WWW2010][CIKM2010 Demo][Extended Version]

I lectured two courses in UTA:

I have served as a reviewer for IEEE TKDE, and as an external reviewer for various venues (Information Systems Journal, KMIS10, CIKM10, ICDM10, IPM Journal, IIWeb11, WAIM11, WAIM12, CIKM12, ICDE13, PAKD13, WWW13).

In spare time, I like math, music, and stars.