An Agent makes a voting decision on an Issue. Issues can be bills, resolutions, nominations, treaties, and others on procedural matters. A Frequency of the voting decision may be stated.

         Mitch McConnel VOTED three times for corporate tax breaks that send Kentucky jobs overseas.

         Tom Cotton VOTED against preparing America for pandemics like Ebola.



Agent [age] The conscious entity, generally a person, that performs the voting decision on an Issue.
         Sen. Mark Begich cast the DECIDING VOTE in favor of President Obama's authority to issue executive amnesty to illegal aliens.
Issue [iss] The matter which the Agent has a positive or negative opinion about and either votes for or votes against.
         Bernie Sanders VOTED against the Brady Bill -- background checks and waiting periods.


Frequency [freq] The number of times that the Agent made the same voting decision on an Issue.
         Mitch McConnell VOTED two times against "the Violence Against Women Act".
Place [pla] The location where the voting decision took place.
         In the Senate, Mike DeWine VOTED with Hillary Clinton to let illegal immigrants receive Social Security.
Position [] This FE identifies the position that the Agent takes on an Issue. The Agent either votes for or against the Issue.
         He VOTED for disaster relief and full funding of FEMA.
Side [sid] The conscious entity, generally a person, that performs the voting decision on an Issue together with the Agent.
         Bernie Sanders VOTED with Republicans to protect the Minutemen, a hate group that used military tactics against our community.
Support_rate [] The percentage of Agent's total votes, in which the Agent took the same position with a Side for a specific period of time.
         Congressman Joe Heck has VOTED 62 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats on a variety of important issues.
Time [tim] This FE identifies the time when the Agent performs the voting decision.
Semantic Type: Time          This week the House of RepresentativesVOTED to remove the word 'lunatic' from federal law.

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