How it works

Step 1: Download the vote.txt file or vote.xml file.
Step 2: Choose the downloaded vote.txt file.
Step 3: Click the 'Load File' button to load the vote.txt file.
Step 4: Select the 'Vote' frame from the frame selection dropdown.
Step 5: Annotate the sentences. Use the frame buttons.
  1. Bernie Sanders ​​voted ​​against the Brady Bill -- background checks and waiting periods .
  2. The House of Representatives just voted 300-131 to remove ‘country-of-origin labeling' on chicken, pork, and beef sold in the U.S.
  3. Marco Rubio voted to deport young people known as Dreamers.
  4. By voting for Obamacare, Sen. Kay Hagan voted to kill the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs.
  5. Mary Landrieu voted to take away your gun rights.
  6. Mary Landrieu voted to fund benefits for illegal immigrants ahead of veterans.
  7. Mitch McConnell voted three times ​​for corporate tax breaks that send Kentucky jobs overseas.
  8. Mark Pryor voted to give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants.
  9. Tom Cotton voted against preparing America for pandemics like Ebola.
Step 6: After annotating, write the file name to save.
Step 7: Click to 'Save' button to save the file.
Step 8: Click to 'Preview' button to Preview the saved file.